Case Studies

Maria Niglio

Last year, Maria Niglio was happy to move back into the home her family has occupied since it was built about 100 years ago.

She was not so happy with its kitchen.

“It was the original kitchen…100 years old,” she said. Old, dark, and inefficient, this kitchen just would not satisfy Maria, who once attended culinary school. “We have a very large family in the area; we entertain a lot. The kitchen is everything to me.”

Maria drew out some plans and visited the CabinetCraft division of Graves Lumber Co. in Copley, and found a very helpful CabinetCraft designer. “I had a vision and they helped me tweak it,” she explained. The staff helped Maria choose the right cabinets (white wood with bead board) and guided her through all the other decisions.

Today, in addition to the attractive cabinets with Lucite handles, her kitchen features a black marble countertop, mirrored back splash, an enlarged window and all stainless steel appliances, including a 6-burner stove. The kitchen’s lighting was greatly improved, and Maria has the option of using under-cabinet lights to create a warm ambiance.

When asked if there is anything she would do differently, Maria did not hesitate: “Nothing!” Maria admits she spent more than she originally planned, but the upgrade was worth every penny as she entertains the family and friends who visit on a daily basis.

The kitchen’s greater efficiency and comfort—and that new large oven—has Maria thinking: “I’ve always wanted to start a cookie business….”

Carol Icsman

When Carol Icsman wanted a new kitchen - not an extreme home makeover - there’s only one place she wanted help from - CabinetCraft!

She received exactly what she was expecting.

"We had a perfect experience with CabinetCraft," she said. "From start to finish, Robin (Rimmer, design specialist) was available to offer advice and guide us through the remodeling and redesign process. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, the finished product made all the work and effort worthwhile - our kitchen looks amazing!"

"The initial meeting was here in our kitchen," said Icsman. "Robin took measurements and really listened to what we were looking for and why we were interested in remodeling. Robin was sincerely interested in meeting our needs - not just making a sale."

Icsman said that after the initial meeting, the next two meetings were in CabinetCraft's showroom to learn about cabinet brands and styles.

"Robin was a great educator through this all," Icsman said. "And during the renovation, Robin stopped by several times to check in on the job. She also stayed in constant contact with me throughout the job to give advice and reassurance as needed."

The entire project was completed in six to seven weeks. There's only one other thing Carol added: "CabinetCraft's designers and craftsmen were all amazing! I love this kitchen!"

Vicki Heislman

Vicki bought her first home 23 years ago and had a good experience with the building process. However, recently, when she wanted to have new countertops built, she wasn't expecting someone to care that much about the job, let alone taking on the project at all.

"I went to CabinetCraft and was very surprised with the cooperation and willingness to help me," Vicki said. "Ginny (Osborne, design specialist) was gracious enough to come out and measure the area that very same day. Then, she came a second time to make sure all was good!"

To her surprise and delight, CabinetCraft readily took on Vicki's project - three countertops measuring 61 inches, 31 inches 61-100-19 inches.

"It was just for countertops," said Vicki, "but they treated me like it was a large project. Ginny had some good ideas and helped me to visualize the entire process. She answered all my questions."

Another important item for Vicki was the service after the sale.

"Graves stayed in contact with me through the entire process. They were excellent!"

Gary Widican

BELFOR USA is part of the world's largest disaster restoration company, and is the premier provider of property recovery services in North America. With 48 offices in the U.S. and more than 1,500 full-time, experienced restoration specialists on their team, when disaster strikes, they have to move quickly!

So why is relatively small Akron, Ohio-based CabinetCraft/Graves Lumber one of BELFOR's preferred vendors?

"It's very simple, really," said Gary Widican, BELFOR USA's account executive. "CabinetCraft is efficient, cost effective - and most importantly - they provide excellent service."

As veterans of the disaster recovery industry, BELFOR USA has restored property that has been damaged from almost every imaginable peril. They even have locations in 24 countries.

"No job is too large for us, and CabinetCraft certainly recognizes that," Widican said. "They have worked on projects from a $200 countertop to an $8,000 kitchen renovation, and they bring the same type of quality service to all of their projects."

BELFOR uses CabinetCraft primarily in specific cases.

"Every customer we deal with as far as cabinetry is concerned, we usually send them to CabinetCraft," said Widican. "Their professionalism as well as their in-store displays really sets them apart.

"Nowadays, customers want to touch and feel their cabinets, and CabinetCraft offers them that option. They have a multiple set-up of kitchens, and if they don’t have it…they find it. They do what they can to satisfy our customers."

Since BELFOR deals in restoration after fires, natural disasters, etc., they routinely are placed in situations where tension is at its peak.

"There are a lot of emotions involved with people who have just experienced a disaster. Their lives have been changed. Many companies will give you a good price and a quality product, but the thing that separates CabinetCraft from their competition is compassion," said Widican. "And, believe me, that trait is mandatory in our business."

"CabinetCraft has compassion and their design specialists will go right on location, meet with the customer and have the utmost of respect for the situation. They help us put lives back together!"

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